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Low Protein Diets: What Can Be Achieved?

Vegetarian Diets Promoted for Farmed Fish

Before protein levels can be reduced, the challenge is to provide cows with the means to utilize protein from grass silage more efficiently. Achieving the correct balance between slowly fermentable fibre and rapidly fermented starch is key. A further strategy which McLarnons are exploring is to improve the amino acid balance in dairy rations. Dairy cow diets are generally undersupplied with methionine and lysine, which sets an upper limit on milk production, but are oversupplied with most other amino acids. Disposing of the excess amino acids has an energy cost, but supplementing diets with methionine and lysine to obtain a more favourable amino acid balance could enable protein levels to be reduced without impacting on cow performance.
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7 Things They Never Told Me About Detox Diets

Turns out the sugar-loving, carb-craving monster in me was being deprived and how! And well, this was her way of revolting. Poor husband and colleagues! 😦 Detox diets could give you dragon breath.
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As reported in KQED Quest , millions of tons of anchovies, sardines and mackerel are being caught to feed farm-raised fish like salmon . In many cases, it can take three pounds of wild fish to grow one pound of farmed fish. By 2030 nearly two-thirds of seafood worldwide will be farm-raised, according to a World Bank report. The US Department of Agriculturehas spent the past ten years researching alternative diets that include plants, animal processing products and single-cell organisms like yeast, bacteria, and algae.
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